Standing Together To Make A Difference For Fall Prevention

Fall Prevention Awareness Day is 9/23/14!Indiana Fall Prevention Coalition

The Indiana Fall Prevention Coalition is part of the Falls Free© Initiative,

a national collaborative effort led by National Council on Aging to educate the public and support and expand evidence-based programs and interventions that help communities, states, federal agencies, nonprofits, businesses, and older adults and their families fight back against falls.

Indiana is one of over 40 State Coalitions on Fall Prevention and 70 national organizations making up the Falls Free© Coalition, working to address this growing public health issue.

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Did you know:

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  • Falls are Indiana’s leading cause of emergency department visits (1,901 per 100,000), hospital admissions (163 per 100,000), and for Hoosiers 65 and older, death from traumatic injury (795 from 2007-2009).
  • Adults 65 years of age and older are the fastest-growing segment of the population and 1 out of 3 older adults falls each year with 288 (80%) of fall related deaths occurring in Hoosiers 65 and older in 2009.
  • The total cost of fall-related injuries nationally for older adults is $80.9 billion, including more than $19 billion in direct medical costs.
  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimate that if the rate of increase in falls is not slowed, the annual cost under the Medicare program will reach $32.4 billion by 2020.